What is cartoon box?

Cartoon-Box is a series of short, snappy, in-your-face cartoons with an unhealthy dose of dark humour. Notorious animation director Joost Lieuwma brings you a new animation every week, too funny to miss and too disturbing for children under 18 and the faint-of-heart.

The Big Quiz Show

Still from Cartoon-Box #29 The Big Quiz Show

Drawn in Joost’s signature style, – simple, crude and dry-witted -, the cartoons play with the viewer’s expectations and often surprise with a dark twist. In these animated shorts, – typically under a minute in length -, Joost pays extra attention to detail and has a lot of care for the narrative and comedy timing. Be sure to get your comedy fix weekly with a fresh Cartoon-Box on the Frame Order youtube channel!


The work process:

Each Cartoon-Box episode starts with a line of text on paper. After that  a storyboard is drawn, a sketch version of the animation. The storyboard is tested out on a selected crowd of professionals for comedy effect. After suggested adjustments the animation goes into production. From start to finish it takes about three days to produce an episode.

about cartoon box

Storyboard image from Cartoon-Box #2 The Traffic Light

about cartoon box

Storyboard image from Cartoon-Box # Crying Child


Cartoon-Box is created at animation studio Frame Order, based in Utrecht, Holland. Frame Order specializes in animated fiction, often with a funny edge. The studio has produced many successful animated short films like ‘Panic!’, ‘Bingo!’ And ‘Golden Oldies’. The whole studio plays a part in making each Cartoon-Box episode the best it can be by giving feedback or pitching in during production. Find out more about animation studio Frame Order on our website www.frameorder.nl

Frank The Fat Horse - still

Still from Cartoon-Box #17 Frank The Fat Horse

The Love Potion

Still from Cartoon-Box #10 How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You . AKA The Love Potion.

Joost Lieuwma is known for his  short films: Once upon a time in my wife (2005), Things you’d better not mix up (2010), How dave and Emma got pregnant (2012), Leaving Home (2013), Panic! (2015 co-directed by Daan Velsink), Golden Oldies (2016, co-directed by Daan Velsink). He initiated the Cartoon-Box series on august 2016. Every week we will post a new Cartoon-Box episode on youtube. Subscribe NOW to our youtube channel!


“Cartoon-Box might be the best cartoons-series on the entire internet” – Joost Lieuwma 2017