The Fly | A Movie Parody | Cartoon-Box #20

The Fly Cartoon

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Written, animated and directed by Joost Lieuwma. This is a cartoon parody to David Cronenberg’s movie The Fly (1986).  Jeff Goldblum is trying to hit on a girl by showing his amazing teleport pods. Will she fall for his charms? Check it out this “The Fly Cartoon”.

Stills from the animation

the fly cartoon box 20 still 1

This doesn’t look like Jeff Goldblum, but it is supposed to look like him.


the fly cartoon box 20 still 2

The two pods based on the 1986 movie The Fly by David Cronenberg

About this episode

Cartoon-Box is a series of short, snappy, in-your-face cartoons with an unhealthy dose of dark humour. Notorious animation director Joost Lieuwma brings you a new animation every week, too funny to miss and too disturbing for children under 18 and the faint-of-heart. Drawn in Joost’s signature style, – simple, crude and dry-witted -, the cartoons play with the viewer’s expectations and often surprise with a dark twist. In these animated shorts, – typically under a minute in length -, Joost pays extra attention to detail and has a lot of care for the narrative and comedy timing. Watch the next episode here!

This episode of cartoon-box was first released in december 2016 on the Frame Oder youtube channel. Check our our cartoon-box facebook page.

Copyright Joost Lieuwma and Frame Order.
cartoon box 20 the fly