On her way to the beach a woman is panicking in her car: did she turn off the gas? She has another panic attack: did she leave the water running? Another panic attack: is the window locked? Her holiday anxiety grows to absurd proportions in this comedy cartoon video with funny humor. Try not to lol.

Written and Directed by Daan Velsink & Joost Lieuwma.
Frame Order

Produced by
Chris Mouw, Michiel Snijders, Arnoud Rijken.
il Luster Films

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Music by Alexander Reumers and Jorrit Kleijnen

Voice acting by Anne Neuteboom and DaanVelsink

Sound design and audio mix
Jeroen Nadorp Bob Kommer Studios

Background and color supervisor
Patrick Schoenmaker

Patrick Schoenmaker
Harmen van der Horst
Vivianne Dubois

Lukas Krepel
Florian Walraven
Tom Mourik
Joost Lieuwma
Raymond Schmitz
Bonnie Mier
Jip Jansen

3D modeling and animation
Arno de Grijs
Daan Velsink

Character design
Patrick Schoenmaker
Joost Lieuwma

Color and shading
Kim van Engelen
Jip Jansen
Raymond Schmitz
Bonnie Mier

Copyright 2015 Frame Order and il Luster Films