The Traffic Light | Funny Short Animation | Cartoon-Box #2

The Traffic Light Cartoon

Weekly dosis of animated cartoons | funny short animation

Written and directed and animated by Joost Lieuwma.
A man who suffers from blindness want’s to cross the street. There is a lot of traffic. Luckily a ticking traffic light helps him out. A Traffic Light cartoon.

traffic light cartoon still 1

Here you can see the difference between a stroyboard panel and the final animation.

traffic light cartoon still 2

The final result, based on the storyboard panel.

About Cartoon-Box

This Cartoon-box episode was first released  on the 5th of september 2016 on our Frame Order youtube channel.

Cartoon Box is an weekly animation comedy series. Every week we will post a new funny cartoon. Check our our facebook page. You can watch the next episode here!

Copyright 2016, Joost Lieuwma and Frame Order.
Cartoon-Box #2 | The traffic Light